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2020 SEASON SPECIAL: “SOUTH OF THE SOUTH” – Island of Šipan, Mali Ston, Dubrovnik

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Hotel Božica

Hotel Bozica is the peaceful retreat of your dreams. It features grandstand views of islands, pine trees as perfume and a private beach. Step outside and you are beside the simple but charming Suđurađ harbour, surrounded by the region's last fortified Renaissance mansion, an art gallery, vineyards and olive trees.

Bowa Restaurant

The ‘wow’ effect is achieved as soon as you approach this restaurant by boat in Vrbova Cove, when its concept of a tranquil oasis with a modern touch unfolds before you. The idyllic Mediterranean atmosphere is further underscored by the huts and aromatic pine, oak and cypress trees. The menu is rooted in the idea of experiencing local life on the Croatian islands, on which residents satisfy their taste buds with fish caught fresh every day, hand-picked vegetables, locally-pressed olive oil and the produce from their own gardens.

Extreme Fishing

Fishing from our Antares La Grange boat provides direct contact with the sea and fish, and each team member can actively participate in pleasure fishing. The boat has a spacious cockpit and is fully equipped for fishing. Should the skipper shout out "Tuunnnaaa" be ready to tackle one of the Adriatic's greatest predators. Those lucky enough to sail and taste bluefin tuna steak with the Plavac Mali wine, are bound to dream about this experience for the rest of their lives.



Arrival at the Brsečine Harbour near Dubrovnik, transfer by boat to the island of Šipan, dinner and overnight accommodation in the Božica Hotel


Fishing trip with an Extreme Fishing skipper, a raw fish snack and cocktails afterward in the Bowa Restaurant on Šipan, dinner and overnight accommodation in the Božica Hotel, breakfast, transport back to Brsečine Harbour


Return transport to the hotel, two nights of accommodation, two breakfasts and two dinners in the hotel, all-day fishing trip with lunch, and a welcome snack and beverage for each guest.


€1,600 for two guests, and €2,000 for four guests



Arrival at the Brsečine Harbour, transfer by boat to the island of Šipan, dinner and overnight accommodation in the Božica Hotel


Fishing trip with an Extreme Fishing skipper, a raw fish snack and cocktails afterward in the Bowa Restaurant on Šipan, dinner and overnight accommodation in the Božica Hotel


Transfer by boat to Brsečine Harbour, a stop-over at the Bota Šare Restaurant in Mali Ston on the way back to visit the oyster beds, sample local wine, and have a three-course lunch per person.


€2,000 for two guests, and €2,400 for four guests


The itineraries are subject to change depending on the weather and conditions at sea. The duration of the boat trip from Brsečine to the island of Šipan is roughly 10 minutes. Brsečine Harbour is 22 km north of Dubrovnik, and if you’re using GPS, it’s important to go to the harbour, and not the village of Brsečine. Brsečine Harbour is 2 km before the village if you’re travelling from Zagreb. Look up location on a map.


Please notify us of any disabilities, dietary preferences and allergies prior to your arrival.

Bota Šare Mali Ston

The restaurant offers and nurtures original, authentic Dalmatia cuisine, drawing inspiration for its dishes from two old cookbooks found in the dusty corners of this monumental building. Oysters, as the trademark product of this area, as well as all other shellfish, crabs and fish, are prepared according to original Ston recipes that date back to the era of the Dubrovnik Republic.


This is the Premium Extreme fishing package for diehard fishers!

Our greatest joy is fishing for bluefin tuna, the star of sport fishing which can weigh up to 600 kg – even in the Adriatic Sea and is a rare type of warm-blooded fish. Bluefin tuna is an excellent swimmer and predator that lives in a school of its peers. Its graceful, spindle-like body, strong constitution and a markedly strong tail fin enables it to swim for long periods of time and move swiftly in search of prey. Bluefin tuna is one of the fastest fish in the sea. Its average speed is 12 km/h, but can also reach speeds of over 100 km/h.

Regardless of your level of fishing skills, we offer a genuine Extreme Fishing experience which takes place on Raffaelli 35 Big Game – Hyper and on Beneteau Antares 41 - La Grange.

Both bots are fully equipped for extreme fishing, specializing in drifting and hunting bluefin tuna, swordfish and sharks, and suitably equipped for trolling smaller species of bluefin tuna and little tunny with nine or more rods.

True connoisseurs enjoy swordfish fishing. It is a predator of open-seas pelagic fish. Adrenaline addicts emphasize that its sword is not just for show, even though this fish served on a plate is a treat for any foodie as its meat is juicy and has a distinctive flavour.


A welcome beverage, lunch, a bottle of water for each guest and a fishing license. We cast off in the early morning hours and return in the late afternoon. It’s possible to arrange half-day trips as well (please send us a query).


€1,700 for a maximum of four guests


Sail differently

A route we love runs along the islands of Šipan, Mljet and Lastovo, but we can’t resist stopping off at little hidden inlets that will pleasantly surprise you on this trip. We invite you to take part in a unique adventure on which you can experience authentic fishing first-hand and genuinely savour the connection to nature.

Departure from Dubrovnik on the 40-foot catamaran Sveti Vlaho with a crew of two, the skipper/chief fisher and his mate, and the boat Antares, also with a two-man crew.

Together these boats lead you on a multi-day fishing adventure. This package is only for adventurers and those afraid to admit that they are! In this story, Vlaho is your home, where you sleep and live like a genuine gastronomad, while Ante is the hunter who brings you the best catches on a hook.


For a maximum of 8 people, five lunches and dinners depending on the catch, a daily cold snack, and welcome drinks and bottles of water for each person.


6 nights, 4 fishing days at €9,000 OR 3 nights, 2 fishing days at €5,200

bota sare quote

When God took seven days to create the world, he dedicated one day to create Dalmatia. In the Adriatic Sea swims the queen of all fish - bluefin tuna and in the Little Sea of Mali Ston Bay the queen of all shells - the Ostrea edulis oyster. Between these two, grows Plavac Mali and Pošip wines. So this can mean one thing only. We are in heaven!

Pero Šare


Maja Jozić

+ 385 91 63 66 111


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